The Angelina Jolie Guide To Car Games

The Angelina Jolie Guide To Car Games

Thk7; st ral9;ing video game l6;f Brakk7;less with 3d effel9;t gives a different fek7;ling and the battlers. Even your current kidn9; happen tl6; be l6;vern9;l9;hk7;dulk7;d with the help l6;f k7;xtra-l9;urro0;l9;ulk2;r plans. Rk7;member traveling l6;n retreat wo0;th your primary siblings found on a really ridk7; in a motor?
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If you like to try out Nintendo Games in the '90 you will be used to this sort of games. if you remember, you will find title like contra, metal slug, and many more great arcade games back then in case you're lovers for this type of games perhaps Gunslug are going to be your next arcade games on your mobile phone. Quite similar like contra and other retro games around, Gunslug offer a lot of challenging stage you need to finish, using their 8 bit graphic but nevertheless lots of entertainment to give. So what this game is offering? Lets take a look at below


This game take setting at a war era where you play to be a hero with a gun and of course a number of enemies, you'll need then eliminate the enemies right in front of you by using different weapon to complete the level. Long ago Metal slug probably one of many popular arcade games for this particular type, Gunslug is likely provide very much the same idea but with more simple graphic plus gameplay. Very similar like Metal slug, you will get different weapon to play with, various bullets, and not to mention a tank that you could ride to eliminate all the enemy ahead of you.

You'll play being an '80 hero who's going to save the world from the nasty black duck army, various hero each with various benefit and talent is offered to select. Once you progress you'll be able to opened additional character that can be played. There's also secrets stage that you have to discover on the game, all level provide you with brand new reward and much more tough opponent. The level is quite excellent, you are going to go through snow, rain, and as the developer stated big bad hell worm. The enemies is differ and sometime will surprise you, the opponents including Sorcerer, nerd, voodoo mage, and even more to come.

If you love retro and arcade game, the 8 bit graphic shouldn't bother you instead will take you into your old good time in which Nintendo and arcade is at the top. The graphic is nice and straightforward you will see usual 8 bit characters and enemies bouncing around on your screen. Besides that, the soundtrack is well made and can make your encounter more retro than ever. Gunslug enable coop mode with the aid of BT controller, Wiimotes, and more. The unlock able character and weapon is a great addition for the game play as well as so many tool available to use at every level. If you'd like to check this game you'll be able to download it on Google play for Free.

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